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Doca Boston's Market Presence

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Doca Boston's Market Presence

For more than 17 years, the team at DOCA has dedicated itself to transforming the art of kitchen and home design. They skillfully blend timeless elegance with the latest innovations to craft spaces that captivate both visually and functionally. This commitment is shared by their team of designers, project managers, and craftsmen, all united in the vision of realizing clients' dream homes with unparalleled precision and passion.

As Vitanur, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Doca Boston, aimed at enhancing their lead generation through both organic and paid channels. Since the beginning of 2024, we have been working closely with Doca Boston, providing a suite of services designed to elevate their market presence and drive business growth. Our offerings include:

  • Google Ads for targeted advertising,

  • Local Ads to reach the immediate market effectively,

  • B2B Outreach to establish valuable business connections,

  • GBP Optimization to improve visibility in local searches,

  • Content Creation to engage and inform the target audience, and

  • SEO Optimization to enhance online visibility and search rankings.

Through these services, we have significantly increased Doca Boston's customer base via email marketing campaigns and B2B agreements. Additionally, we conduct SEO audits to further support organic customer acquisition for the website. In line with our commitment to all our clients, our primary goal with Doca Boston is to increase their customer base and boost annual revenue. We are dedicated to implementing strategic solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, fostering sustainable growth and a strong online presence.

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